Located in the heart of the Eastern Townships and inspired by the best places in Europe, this Inn with the princely rooms was renovated and updated in 2015 to make you relive the sumptuous decorations that are reminiscent of the outdated elegance of the Venetian palaces of the 16th century, as well as the worldly refinement of the châteaux of France ... and this, in a very convivial atmosphere.

An exceptional welcome, a relaxing rest and a gourmet breakfast, this is the promise made by the owners of this reputable house.  Come enjoy a Marquis de Montcalm Inn experience any time of year and take advantage of nearby concerts, festivities, antique dealers and gourmet restaurants, all only steps from downtown... just to feel Châtelain and Châtelaine!

As multiple packages are available, you can book online safely and request the package you want in the comment section. If necessary for more information, do not hesitate to contact the management. Please note that you can access free Wi-Fi at no charge, a full booking service and a full gourmet breakfast served in the morning.

Hope to meet you soon!


Check in time: 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. / Check out time: 11:30 a.m. - Note that it is possible that breakfast is not served for a few dates. Make sure when booking whether breakfast is served or not.


By booking a reservation at our property, you agree to the following:

- Cancellation of room booking without package -

You may cancel or modify your room reservation at no charge if you do so in writing electronically or by post up to 48 hours before the scheduled arrival date, the presumed arrival time for all reservations being 14:00 (local time of establishment). In case of late cancellation or modification of your reservation, or in case you do not show up for the date (s) of your reservation, the establishment reserves the right to take the total cost (including taxes) of your reservation, on the credit card given as guarantees of your reservation.  By making the reservation, you, or the person who gave the guarantee of his credit card, tacitly agree what the Inn’s owner will charge the total cost without consent. If, as security for your reservation, you have given an amount on deposit, the establishment can retain the amounts as collateral as a cancellation fee.

- Cancellation of a room reservation in a package –

The policy stated above applies to the portion of the price of the package corresponding to the room thus reserved. However, bookings for services or products constituting packages and sold through the establishment are considered as non-cancellable.  Since they cannot be canceled by the establishment without paying their suppliers and the establishment acts only as an intermediary, these services and products cannot be canceled after the establishment have made the reservation in your name.

The establishment reserves the right to charge the total cost (including taxes) of these services and products provided in your package, if any, to the account of the credit card given as security when making your reservation. By making your reservation, you or the person who gave your credit card guarantee, tacitly accept that the Inn’s owner will deduct the total cost without the consent of that non-refundable portion constituting your package.  If, as a guarantee for your package reservation, you have given an amount on deposit, the establishment can retain these amounts as a guarantee as a cancellation fee.

- How to make a reservation cancellation or modification –

You must make a reservation or cancellation request in writing by post or by e-mail at info@marquisdemontcalm.com. Be sure to include your full name, the expected dates of stay, the type of room or package reserved, while specifying your formal request for cancellation or modification. Please note that the date and time of your cancellation email (date and time of the time zone of the establishment) will be taken into account regarding the time limit for cancellation or modification without charge. The establishment will then send you a confirmation of cancellation indicating that the cancellation is free of charge or with costs if any, or will forward the specifics of your modification to the initial reservation.

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