Welcome on the online booking space of the 14 St Michel. You can consult our availabilities according to your selected date, choose your room and book immediatly. The payment will be done during your stay. Prices are indicated for a night, with breakfast included. ​Looking forward​ to welcoming you.

We welcome you from 4pm to 8pm the day of your arrival. You will have access to free WIFI in all house and a free car park nearby. Rooms will be left at 11am maximum, the day of your leaving.

Client's cancellation  Concellation must be notify by a phone call or an e-mail before your arrival. - 2 days or more before the arrival date : No fee charged. - less than 2 days before the arrival date or non-presentation : First night fees will be charged.

Owner's cancellation If before your stay, we have to cancel your reservation, we would do it by a phone call or an e-mail. We would repay your advance payment.

Le 14 St Michel

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