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Le Mascaron

A charming,luxury apartment with a view of the interior courtyard on the second floor (no lift) of a listed 18th century building on Ile Feydeau, one of the finest historic districts of Nantes. Ideal location, close to the La Cité des Congrès, shops, restaurants and numerous cultural activities. Spacious lounge-diner with open-plan kitchen. Bedroom: double bed. Shower room with WC. Additional facilities: flat-screen TV with DVD player, stereo, WiFi /internet access, tumble drier, Dishwasher, Microwave, dryer, HI-FI, Shiatsu massage cushion, Fan. Extra charges for local tourist tax. Price includes electric heating, bed linen and towels. Not included the tourist tax 1.30€ per day/ per person. End of stay cleaning package 40€. Special conditions for this flat: ·Non smoking ·Animals are not allowed

A pre-authorization of 350€ for the damage deposit will be requested. A 500€ deposit for a stay of 28 days or more.

Please note that the Tourist tax (1.30€/ day/person) and the end of stay cleaning package (40€) will appear only on the final invoice.

Welcoming of the hosts: from 17h30 to 19h00 (other time on request). Departure: before 10h00 ( other time on request)Any cancellation must be confirmed by mail or email. Cancellation free of charge until 30 days before the date of stay. For any cancellation less than 30 days before the date of stay, the total amount of the reservation will be charged. In the case of non presentation without prior cancellation, the total amount of the reservation will be charged.The amount of the tax residence of 1.30€ per day / per person as well as the end of stay cleaning (40€) will appear only on the final invoice.



Entire Agreement

These general terms andconditions of rental express all of the obligations of the parties hereto. To this effect, the renter is considered as accepting all of the provisions of these general terms and conditions of rental without any reservations.


Contractual documents

This contract is composed ofthe following contractual documents, presented hierarchically, in descending order: these general terms and conditions of rental; the reservation formula, and the accommodation contract.


Date of effect - duration

These general terms andconditions of rental take effect on the date of confirmation that the rental deposit has been received. These general terms and conditions of rental are effective for the duration required for rental of the goods and services specified herein, until the guarantees have expired.


Legal regime of thecontract

It is concluded that thisrental is a temporary residence. The premises may not be used as a primary or secondary residence.

The renter may not carry outany business, contracting or professional activity on these premises. The renter may not claim any legal provisions regarding rental leases, namely as regards failure to vacate the premises. As a result, the contract shall be governed by the provisions of the French Civil Code as well as by the terms and conditions provided for herein.


Renter’s obligations

1. The renter promises to usethe residence in a peaceful manner and to cause no trouble or nuisance; they may not carry out any commercial, professional or industrial activities on the premises; they acknowledge the fact that the premises specified in this contract are rented to them only as a temporary residence for leisure purposes. The renter promises to take good care of the equipment and appliances provided.

2. The renter promises not toreplace any individual whatsoever or to sub-let, even free of charge, the rented premises, except with the express written consent of the service provider, subject to termination of this contract.

3. The renter promises tocomply with the maximum occupancy of the premises Animals are not allowed in the flat

4. The renter promises tocomply with the procedures for taking possession of and returning the keys as agreed upon with the provider or the owner.

5. The renter promises not todispose of any objects in water pipes, namely those that may clog or block the pipes, subject to paying the costs for repairing the said water pipes.

6. The renter promises toinform the provider or owner as quickly as possible in the event that an urgent repair should be required during the rental period, to enable the provider or owner or any other authorized third party to perform the necessary repairs and to make no claim for a reduction in the rental as a result of such an event. The renter promises to leave the provider or owner a sufficiently long and reasonable time to repair any malfunction, namely based on the type of repair to be performed. In any case, the time period left to organize any required repair shall not be shorter than five (5) business days.

This period is extended tofifteen (15) business days if repairing the malfunction requires work on the utilities network and / or work that must be performed remotely (i.e. telephone, Internet, cable television, etc.)

7. The renter promises tocomply with the intended purpose of the rented premises and not to make any modifications to the premises (i.e. work, moving of furniture, etc.).

8. The renter must provideaccess to the provider or owner to perform housekeeping and ensure easy access to areas to be cleaned or maintained.

9. The apartments on offer arerented as “temporary” residences. The customer may not put their name on the mailbox. The customer may receive postal mail at the following address: Mr. /Mrs. /Miss /Ms XXX, care of AIRIAU –21 rue Kervegan 44000 Nantes, France.

10. The renter promises toclean the kitchen and dishes before checking out, and to leave the premises clean and free of any waste or garbage. They also promise to put any furniture (items of furniture, lamps, etc. moved without the consent of the provider or owner) back in its original place. The renter is informed that the cleaning will be performed by a provider whose fees will automatically be deducted from the security deposit. The rate applied will be consistent with the price list in effect on the day the renter vacates the premises.


Internet - Purchase ofvideos (VOD)

The provider and owner cannotbe held liable in any way for the Internet sites consulted by the renter on the premises.

The purchase of Video onDemand (VOD) services is forbidden.


Provider’s and owner’sobligations

1. The provider or the ownerpromises to provide the renter with the apartment specified in the rental contract.

2. The provider or the ownerpromises to deliver one set of keys to the renter on the scheduled check-in day, as agreed upon.

3. The provider or the ownerpromises to provide the renter with the services specified in the contract.

4. The provider or the ownerpromises to provide the renter, at their request, with a full inventory of the equipment included in the rental apartment.

5. The provider or the ownerpromises to provide to provide the renter with emergency telephone numbers on the day they arrive.

6. The provider promises tooffer the renter optional hotel services, such as dry-cleaning, housekeeping, provision of additional linens, etc. The provider will give the renter the prices for these services upon request. The renter will be invoiced for the said services on a weekly basis.




The renter should provide a holiday homeinsurance and civil liability insurance before he can get the keys for the flat.



The renter waives any right toany appeal for liability or claims against the provider or owner in the following circumstances:

1. Theft, attempted theft, anyillegal act or any assault that the renter may be victim of on the rented premises; the renter expressly waives their right to the benefit of article 1719, sub-paragraph 3 of the French Civil Code, assuming no obligation of surveillance.

2. Irregularities, malfunctionof the elevators or interruption of elevator service, or water, gas, electricity, telephone, air conditioning, or computer services, as well as the collective services shared by the building or those specific to the accommodation rented.

3. Damages caused to thepremise rented, and/ or to all furniture items found inside of it subsequent to leaks, infiltrations, humidity or other circumstances.

4. Actions or activities ofother occupants of the building resulting in damage.

5. Late arrival of the renterto the premises, namely due to transport-related difficulties.

6. Nuisances, namely noisedisturbance, which may come from outside the accommodation.

7. Accidents occurring in therented premises or resulting from the rented premises throughout the contract period, whatever the cause.

8. Malfunctioning of theInternet connection or cable television, or in the event of incompatibility between the equipment in the apartment with that of the renter.

9. Parking space: Theft,attempted theft, any illegal act or any assault that the renter may be victim of on the parking space; the renter expressly waives their right to the benefit of article 1719, sub-paragraph 3 of the French Civil Code, assuming no obligation of surveillance. Home from Home in Nantes or The NGE parking company will be not liable for any problem.



The reservation of anapartment is valid only after the provider has accepted the customer’s reservation. Confirmation of the customer’s reservation is at the provider’s discretion. Furthermore, in order to be firm, the reservation must be followed by payment of a rental deposit or payment in full for the stay. Payment of the rental deposit must be made immediately for online reservations and within 48hours for all reservations by telephone or e-mail. This deadline may be reduced to 24 hours if the time between the date of reservation and the date of check-in is less than 7 days. The provider retains the right to cancel the reservation without prior warning and without compensation in the following circumstances: - if the renter cannot be reached due to erroneous information provided by the renter, in particular the postal address and telephone number; - in the event of failure to pay, if the rental deposit has not been received within the deadlines mentioned above.

If no payment has been received, the reservation is not confirmed and the provider is free to offer the pre-reserved apartment for rental during the period indicated.

The rental deposit is paid by credit card



Prices are given in Euros (€).Prices include all taxes, and cover only provision of the accommodation. They do not include tourist taxes (0,85€ per person per day) or optional services. Prices include provision of linens, consumption of water, electricity and heating in “normal quantities” (i.e. 8 KWh per day for electricity consumption from April to the end of October and 12kwh from November to the end of March) and Internet access. Any excessive consumption may be subject to additional charges to be deducted from the security deposit.

  Reservation Guaranteed by Credit CardThe guarantee of the reservation is based on the coordinates of the credit card provided by the customer or the person who made the booking. Home from Home is responsible for checking the validity of said coordinates, authorization or pre-authorization of the card, and the valid credit limit at the date requested by or reservations. If the credit card has no guarantee, Home from Home asks the Customer to guarantee the reservation by other means. If the Customer is unable or refuses to present another form of guarantee, home from Home reserves the right to cancel his reservation. Home from Home confirms that information about the prepayment is mentioned on the website before booking online.By electronically signing the lease published by Home from Home, the customer agrees that Home from Home will debit your credit card for the amount of 30% of the total amount at time of booking. The remaining balance of 70% will be charged one day before arrival.A pre-authorization of € 250 for the deposit in case of damage will be done.If canceled or modified up to 30 days prior to arrival, Home from Homewill take no fees. If canceled or modified later or no-show, Home from Home will take the full amount.As soon as the prepayment is confirmed, the reservation will be confirmed and booked accommodation. The customer will receive, at the earliest, a booking confirmation by email.Securing the credit card detailsHome from Home is committed to meeting the requirements, criteria of conformity and validation process established with the IT security standards of data from the industry of payment cards.Home from Home is committed to not keep credit card data relating to its customers following the payment.

Check-in and checkout

Apartment keys are to begiven to and returned by the renter based on the schedule provided.

Based on the availability ofthe accommodations and the renter’s scheduled arrival time, the time and procedure for delivering the keys is subject to change. In such an event the provider will inform the renter of the procedure to be followed.

Duringcheck-in, the customer is to provide a valid piece of ID or passport + photocopy of the document,


Late arrival

In the event of late arrivaland with no information from the renter at least twenty four hours before the agreed upon time of arrival, the provider or owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation without warning or compensation.

The renter will be charged anadditional fee of € 30 if the provider or owner is required to travel to meet the renter a second time due to a late arrival.

The renter will be charged anadditional fee of 30€ for arrival after 19h. After 21h an additional night fee will be requested.



Payment for the stay mustbe made on the following dates:

For any stay of 4 weeks orless, payment must be made in full, minus the rental deposit paid, on the date the keys are given to the renter.

For any stay of over 4 weeks,payment must be made in advance based on a pre-determined payment schedule.

Payment may be made by creditcard or bank transfer. Payments made by bank transfer or credit card must be made within 72 hours before arrival/ check-in or before the start of the new rental period for extended stays. Any bank transfer fees are at the full charge of the renter

Any late payment will besubject to a late penalty totaling 1.5% of the amount owed, payable immediately.


Security deposit

The renter will pay theprovider, on the date of check–in at the latest, a security deposit of 500€ to cover the costs of any damage that could be caused to the items furnishing the rented premises or the premises itself. The security deposit may be paid by credit card, bank transfer, check or in cash.

Payments by bank transfer orcredit card must be made within 72 hours prior to the scheduled arrival/ check-in time.

For security deposits paid incash, the cash is put in the bank for security reasons. The deposit is refunded using the procedure described below.

If no damage to the apartmentor furnishings has been found, the provider promises to refund the renter the amount of the security deposit within 7 days depending on the procedure for returning the keys agreed upon by the provider or the owner and the renter.

In the event damage is found,the provider promises to refund to the renter any funds remaining from the security deposit after the amount required to repair the damage has been deducted. These remaining funds are to be paid back within 30 days after the keys have been returned to the provider or owner.

In the event of late payment,de security deposit will be cashed.

Assessment of propertyand inventory

An inventory list is providedto the renter on request.

An assessment of the conditionof the property will be given to the renter on the day they arrive based on the information received from the previous renter.

The renter has 24 hoursstarting from the time of check-in to inform the provider or owner of any major malfunction not specified in the assessment. The provider or owner is to be informed of any malfunction by e-mail.


1. In the event thereservation is cancelled within 30 days before the date the renter is scheduled to arrive, Home from Home in Nantes will retain all of the deposit paid by the renter.

2. In the event thereservation is cancelled more than 30 days before the date the renter is scheduled to arrive, Home from Home in Nantes will retain 50% of the deposit paid by the renter, the minimum being amount being a flat fee of  80€.

3. The renter can take out acancellation insurance

4. The provider is to be informedof any cancellation in writing. The date any written cancellation takes effect is the day it is received by the provider.

5. Any cancellation issubject to a processing fee of €30.

Changes to the durationof the stay

1. The duration of the stay isthat indicated in the rental contract.

2. If no agreement has beenmade between the two parties, the provider or owner will keep all of the rent owed and paid up to the end of the stay.

Theprovider is to be informed of any changes (extension or early departure) in writing. The date the changes take effect is the date the provider or owner has received this written information. The provider will then send the renter an e-mail to confirm the extension. The extensions will be subject to an amendment to the initial contract.

It will only be possible to change the date ofdeparture or arrival date. If the tenant wants to move his stay, it will be similar to a cancellation. Similarly, if the new date requested causes a shortening of the stay, this shall not include any refund of payment made or a change in the balance planed on arrival.



This contract will beterminated ipso jure, without formality or delay, in the event the renter fails to meet one of their obligations or behaves in an inappropriate manner that disturbs the stay of the other occupants. In such as case, the renter must immediately leave the premises and may be evicted, if required, by law enforcement officials.

Changes to the services

If required by circumstancesindependent of its will, the provider or owner may be forced to partially or totally modify the services, both in terms of accommodation and optional services. The renter will not be invoiced for any services not provided, but cannot make any claim to damages.

Customer service

The provider or owner isavailable throughout the stay to answer the renter’s questions or requests, repair any malfunctions observed and enable the renter to fully enjoy their stay.

Privacy and data files

The information the renter isasked to provide is required to process their reservation. The renter may write Home from Home in Nantes, whose address is given in the privacy charter included on its website, to oppose provision of such information or to exercise their right to access and correct any personal information kept in the records of Home from Home as provided for by the Law of 6 January 1978.

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