Welcome to Andalusia!! 

Enjoy your vacation to spend a pleasant stay in our property located on the "Costa del Sol" and discover under the sun (300 days per year) this beautiful region of southern Spain. 


Very soon 

Olivier and Juana

General conditions

 The tenant engages:

1.    With not bringing additional people without the authorization of theowner.

2.    With not under renting housing

3.    To use peacefully of the places

4.    The owner declines any responibility civil.

5.    The tenant will make use of his insurance civil liability in the eventof flight,fire or damage of water where its responsabilitywould be recognized and gives up any recourse with respect to owner who cannot be recognized as responsible for the objects and for people occupying the housse with the title of the tenant. .

6.    The cleaning of the rooms is withcharge of the tenants

7.    It is forbidden to smoke inside therooms..

8.    The animals are not allowed withoutthe authorization of the owner..

9.    Bicycles are at disposal and areunder the responibility for those which use them.In the event of robbery 150 euros by bicycle will be deduced from the guarantee.

10.  A visit and an inventory of fixtures is envisaged with your arrival andthe time of the departure.

11. AirConditioning (hot or cold) is available in the rooms. A metre is fitted to each unit in order to measure the amount of electricity used and to calculate the cost (charged at 0.25€/Kw).

12.  Atthe end of the letting period the metre will be read and the additional extra payment will be calculated.

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