Our 5 apartments are all located in the very heart of Budapest in the immediate vicinity of Oktogon, Andrassy Avenue, Opera House, Kiraly Utca (with its restaurants and pubs), Liszt Academy and the Square of the same name. From the castle of Buda to the Széchenyi baths, passing from the Parliament to the Basilica and the Jewish Quarter, everything is on foot from your apartment. What is more authentic than a Franco-Hungarian couple to make you discover Hungary. Aliz is Hungarian and Dominic French, both live in Budapest and know the country perfectly. They will welcome you warmly in one of their 5 apartments and, if you wish, they can even make you discover the city, the country and its best kept secrets.


The price is reduced by 10% for our guests returning to one of our apartments and using our website to book. Discount is based on the 2 person rate. We will have to communicate the dates of the last stay. The discount will be given at the time of payment of the balance. This discount can be granted when possible in the form of services offered by Aliz and Dominique (transfer, visit ...).

Our price includes: instant online booking, online payment, lodging, 4% city tax.

The obligatory final household in addition to the price indicated to pay with the balance:

Eotvos Blue Standing 40 Euro Eotvos Lila Cozy 30 Euro Hunyadi Green Duplex 30 Euro Orange / Red Studio 20 Euro Kiraly Blue Studio 20 Euro

The payment of the deposit commits both parties irrevocably. No cancellation or modification of stay is possible except with the agreement of Monsieur or Madame BRIET.

In case of acceptance of modification or cancellation, the refund of the deposit is made only if the apartment is re-rented for the periods reserved by the tenant.

The tenant agrees to pay the balance on arrival in cash or by bank transfer to the following account, 30 days before arrival. IBAN: FR7617515900000406759082589 BIC / SWIFT: CEPAFRPP751

Arrivals are usually from 16h, departures for 12h at the latest.

Arrivals after 9 pm at the apartment entail an indemnity to be paid in addition to the balance of 15 euro for the person waiting for the tenant.

Late arrivals for takers who opt for a transfer proposed by the hosts is reduced to 10 euro (recovery from 20H15 at the airport)

Over-the-counter agreements are possible on arrival and departure times by adjusting with old and new tenants.

During transfers made by the hosts, the hosts take care of organizing the delivery or return of the keys and the deposit or guard of luggage outside the schedules indicated above. The delivery of the keys does not mean that the apartment is immediately habitable, it is necessary to wait until the cleaning is finished. Initially if the apartment has been cleaned for the next tenants, it is not possible to use the amenities.

A guarantee deposit is required for all stays, it is doubled for stays longer than 3 weeks. The deposit is 200 euro for the EOTVOS BLUE and 100 euro for the other apartments of Budapest.

The security deposit can be deposited for the holders of a check in their name, from a French bank, payable to Aliz BRIET. The check is destroyed and the photograph is sent to the policyholder. A check for the remainder of the deposit is returned to the lessee if the deposit is used.

The deposit can be deposited in cash on arrival, but this is conditional on the fact that Mr. or Mrs. BRIET is present at the departure of the tenant.

The schedules of Mr. or Mrs. BRIET are known in advance this will be specified quickly by mail.

For persons who can not deposit the deposit by check or cash under the condition noted above, the deposit can be deposited by credit card via paypal (it is not compulsory to have a Paypal account, the payment option Is possible only with the bank card) on the account brietdul@adca-gfp.fr, the refund is therefore totally or partially by paypal.

The tenant undertakes to pay the full amount of the stay, even if he does not show up.

Arrival after the scheduled date or advanced departure does not result in any refund.

For stays longer than one week, the tenant is responsible for the proper maintenance of the apartment, and the replacements of the consumables (battery, bulb ...)

The soap, toilet paper or other consumables available at the arrival are in quantity for one or two days maximum, it is up to the tenant to ensure its renewal.

Linen and towels are provided, a deduction of 10 euro on the deposit is made per unit missing.

The loss of the key, necessarily resulting in the change of barrel results in a minimum retention of 75 euro.

The final cleaning is included but the apartment has to be in good condition of maintenance (dishes made and tidy, garbage outlets, floor swept in all rooms, tables and work plan wiped, otherwise the sum included from 20 to 40 € corresponding to the cleaning costs to compensate the person responsible for the final cleaning.

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